Head Design Consultant.

When granted the privilege of managing and supervising the design and delivery of some of the nation’s most significant projects, we go all in to make sure the outcomes stand apart from the rest.

At NGNU, as a head design consultant we provide a single point of engagement, coordination and management of all consultants required to create and develop design documentation.

The value we provide as a HDC is that we start with the end in mind. We can embed solutions to buildability, program and procurement issues from the very beginning, stetting the project up for success in the subsequent stages of authority approvals, budgets, delivery and operationalisation.

Efficient design processes

It’s no mean feat to juggle the management of design consultants, authorities, and key project stakeholders across all design phases – but it’s a role we relish and excel at thanks to our extensive and efficient design processes. This comprehensive oversight guarantees that our client’s objectives and project outcomes are consistently met.

Strategies for design excellence

With collaboration as our foundation, we empower our clients to develop and implement strategies for design management that encompass quality, buildability, sustainability, and value management.

We navigate the complexities of authorities’ approvals, while efficient stakeholder management and a strong focus on safety in design, underpin our services.

Optimal design outcomes

Our relentless commitment to achieving the best possible design outcomes places safety, sustainability, quality, and cost-effectiveness at the forefront of every design solution we develop. Design management isn’t just a service; it’s a guarantee that we’ll deliver success across both your project’s aesthetics and functionality.

Design management in action

Our portfolio of project boasts design outcomes that we’re incredibly proud of:

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