The Foundry is home to over 7,500 CBA employees and is the largest new commercial building at South Eveleigh. Comprising six storeys with 9,000sqm floorplates, earning the title of one of Australia’s first ‘groundscrapers’, producing a campus-style, sustainable working environment that promotes health, wellbeing, collaboration and productivity.

Designed by FJMT & Sissons, with the highest sustainability standards with a 6 Star Green Star Design, 6 Star Green Star As Built, 5 Star NABERS Energy, and 4 Star NABERS water rating.

The challenge.

During stage two of the CBA portfolio consolidation, a major challenge was to effectively unite over 7,500 individuals in one building, each of whom offered a wide range of diverse services and engaged in various activities.

This task required meticulous planning and coordination to ensure seamless integration and collaboration among the different teams. The challenge was not only about physical space management but also about fostering a cohesive working environment where all employees could thrive and contribute their unique skills and expertise. The success of this endeavour relied on careful organization and resource allocation to accommodate the diverse needs and demands of such a large workforce.

The selected site at South Eveleigh presented us with development restrictions, which posed a challenge in creating a space that could accommodate a large number of people while also facilitating collaboration and productivity for their day-to-day operations. We had to think creatively and strategically about how to bring together such a diverse group of individuals in a way that would meet their needs effectively. Our goal was to design a space that would encourage collaboration and foster productivity, ultimately providing them with an environment conducive to their work.

How we delivered success

Our success in delivering outstanding results can be attributed to our early design engagement approach and the innovative concept of what we affectionately call a ground scraper. This unique approach has garnered significant public attention, especially during the challenging times of COVID. One notable aspect that has drawn admiration is the foundry’s impressive floor plates, which offer an unprecedented scale never before witnessed in Australia. These substantial dimensions have set a new benchmark for architectural brilliance and have further enhanced the project’s prominence in the eyes of the public.

With a significant floor plate which is just shy of 10,000 square metres per floor this building was designed and had the idea of operation each floor both in the horizontal. But also the vertical movement between floors would need to operate like a small city And have all the amenity from end of troop facilities, restaurants, cafes, curated meeting rooms, collaboration spaces, highly flexible areas, through to focus spaces within built wellness and healthcare activations all the way through to recharge and sleeping areas.

The project was meticulously planned and executed to cater to the diverse needs of all businesses operating within CBA. A comprehensive change program was put in place, specifically designed to facilitate a seamless transition into the new building and ensure the smooth integration of all assets. The focus was on creating an environment that would address the unique requirements of each business, fostering growth and success for all involved.

A paramount emphasis was placed on behavioural services, recognizing the importance of supporting individuals in adapting to the changes. Additionally, careful attention was given to logistical aspects, such as managing the relocation process effectively and efficiently to the new location. By addressing both behavioural and logistical challenges, the organization was able to navigate this significant change with minimal disruptions and optimize its operations in the new facility.