Data Centre.

Data Centre.

Complete Design and construction accountability for dual 2000m2 data halls   with building cost of $60 million. An impressive three floor layout, with major plant and disaster recovery floors located at ground level, Dual data halls located on Level 1, with 1000mm deep access floors and precise mirroring of layouts, completed with a condenser farm sitting on a dual waterproofed and covered  plant room.

Project accountability included an extensive 6 month commissioning and testing regime, culminating in the handing over of a comprehensive induction.

The challenge.

The Commonwealth Bank of Australia was confronted with a major hurdle when it acquired a Greenfield site, as it had to tackle the crucial task of creating a disaster recovery data centre. The primary objective was to design a facility that would be situated outside the blast radius of the recently established CMED. This challenge demanded careful planning and strategic decision-making to ensure the safety and security of critical data in case of any unforeseen disasters or emergencies.

For this project, we were tasked with handling all aspects of the process, starting from developing the client brief to creating a detailed design that met their specific needs. We took charge of obtaining authority approvals and managing the construction phase as well. Our primary responsibility was to oversee each stage meticulously, ensuring that every step was carefully executed. Our aim was to accurately and efficiently fulfill the client’s requirements, guaranteeing their satisfaction throughout the project.

How we delivered success

Our team started by thoroughly understanding the client’s needs and objectives for this project  and work on formulating a comprehensive design plan that aligns with these requirements. Throughout this process, we involved the client in every decision-making process to ensure their vision is accurately represented in the final design. Furthermore, our team took care of all necessary authority approvals to ensure compliance with regulations and obtain the required final certification approvals for the project. This ensured a smooth and hassle-free experience for our clients, allowing them to focus on other aspects of their project while we handle the necessary paperwork and legalities.

The site was meticulously designed with significant generator support in mind, ensuring that all power requirements are met. Secondary roofing was also incorporated into the design to provide an additional layer of protection. Multiple generator requirements were taken into consideration, while being mindful of acoustic emissions.

We also place great emphasis on incorporating civil and landscaping aspects in our design to ensure the highest level of security. The aim was to create a passive security system that would greatly reduce the chances of any unauthorized access, whether through covert means or surveillance. Another crucial aspect considered during the design process was minimizing potential vehicle and truck impacts, further enhancing the overall security measures in place.

In the realm of data centres, there is a significant emphasis on the process of commissioning and handing over. Therefore, when tackling such projects, we adopted a proactive approach by envisioning the end result right from the start. This involved incorporating early development and co-design practices, as well as meticulous planning for operation and maintenance manuals that outline all the necessary steps for successful implementation.

These manuals include detailed information on testing regimes, file over testing, and processes for establishing data and disaster recovery services. Additionally, we focus on establishing reliable and secure sites to support our operations. By considering these aspects from the beginning, we ensure a seamless transition and optimal functionality throughout the lifecycle of the data centre.