Home to 7,500 CBA employees and is an exemplar of modern workplaces featuring design excellence, cutting-edge technology, heritage integration, a thriving community precinct and high sustainability standards.

Axle achieved the highest sustainability standards with a 6 Star Green Star Design and As-Built v1.1 rating, awith a 5 Star NABERS Energy rating and 4 Star NABERS Water rating.

The challenge.

As part of the first delivery milestone in the redevelopment and south-Eveleigh precinct, Axle was designated to house approximately 4,000 employees who were being relocated from various existing sites. This was a significant step towards achieving the broader goal of consolidating lease expiries across multiple assets that CBA held in western Sydney, including three buildings at Homebush, two buildings of Parramatta and one building, which was a technical processing centre.

The task at hand went beyond simply creating a new residence for these employees. It also required adeptly handling and organizing lease agreements for the various other properties within the portfolio.

The next challenge was how to take all these functional requirements of assets that had been part of the CBA portfolio for up to three decades and co-locate them in a suitable place that had access to both the amenity, was central to all of the staff that serviced these businesses

whilst maintaining all of the CBA focuses when it came to ESR and community objectives.

How we delivered success

The success of our project was achieved through a strategic approach, which began through site in acquisition by MIRVAC supported by a precommitment from CBA for 100,000 square metres of Premium grade commercial space. In addition to developing the commercial buildings, there was also significant works to enhance parklands, improve community infrastructure, and redevelop the nearby station. These efforts were instrumental in delivering a successful outcome for all stakeholders involved.

In order to meet the diverse needs of multiple businesses co-locating, an extensive engagement process was carried out. This involved collaborating with all of the businesses to understand their specific requirements. In some cases, a change program spanning over 24 months was implemented alongside the design and creation of the asset. This ensured that each client’s needs were taken into account and addressed effectively throughout the entire process.

The result of the project was a stunning green star building that exceeded expectations. The ground floor and mezzanine were designed with highly active activity-based working spaces, creating an environment that fostered collaboration and productivity. Additionally, the building featured cafes and a restaurant dedicated to providing delicious meals for both on-site dining and take-home options for staff convenience. To further support the well-being of employees, end-of-trip facilities, childcare centres, building wellness rooms, consult rooms, heavily curated client services space and that’s all before you enter the premium work spaces that provide a mix of environments for collaborative working were incorporated into the design.