About us.

Hi, we're NGNU.

We provide property, construction and government organisations with project management services that meet unflinching standards and deliver unparalleled outcomes, so that we can give back to community and country in meaningful and moving ways.

our story

With decades of experience in the construction and property industry, Brendan and Colin witnessed countless projects over the years that would have benefited from their knowledge and expertise. After encountering these missed opportunities time and time again, they realised that something needed to change if they wanted to see amazing project outcomes become the new norm and ensure that clients achieved the very best results possible.

Realising the potential impact they could make in the private and public sector, they were motivated to establish NGNU. Recognising a gap in the market, they saw an opportunity to use their collective knowledge and skills to power NGNU to make a substantial difference  With a shared vision and unwavering commitment, Brendan and Colin set out on a journey to make a lasting impact on the industry.

Our vision

To inspire project management services so fiercely excellent that unflinching standards, unparalleled outcomes, and commitment to country and cause, become the new industry norm.

Our Mission

To deliver project management services that are brave, customer experiences that are bold, and social outcomes that are both.

Our values

We are fierce in our pursuit of excellence
Our baseline is to go beyond. Whether that’s in service, quality, connection or outcomes, excellence is a standard we strive for with a warrior-like mentality - because anything less simply isn’t in our DNA.
Responsiveness is at our core
We seek to be our clients’ first port of call, final line of defence and everything in between. We do this by building responsiveness into the bedrock of our processes, practices, systems and strategies - because we know that communication is the key to amazing outcomes.
Grit and determination are our calling cards
At its core, our job is to be brave enough to face the challenges that will inevitably arise, and bold enough to turn them into triumphs. Sitting in circle to solve, resolve, connect and correct is our speciality, our super power and our second nature.
We take our work seriously, but never ourselves
We’re professionals with a dash of play built into everything we do. We’ve made it a priority to have a laugh, swap some banter, and say ‘g’day’, because sharing your expertise shouldn’t mean you have to leave your personality at the door.
Social responsibility is a requirement, not an option
We don’t believe it’s possible for a company to side-step its connection to country, cause and community. It’s non-negotiable that we stand firmly in our purpose to give back to the Indigenous communities of Australia, as a foundational element of our business.

Our affiliations.

NGNU aims to provide Project Management, Consulting & Procurement Services that exceeds client expectations and the highest industry standards.

To this end we have complied with AS/NZS ISO 45001, AS/NZS 9001 and AS/NZS 14001, and are in the process of gaining independent certification of our Integrated Management System. In addition, we hold the following industry affiliations: